Railway transit shipment via Mongolian corridor:

There are various available to provide different types of railway transit shipments across Mongolian  corridor in both directions, westbound (WB) from China side to Europe (EU)/ Russia and eastbound (EB) from EU/Russia side to China respectively.

These are as the regular transit container block train shipments between
Europe/Russia and China under the Belt & Road initiative and as well as the dedicated or special purpose railway shipments, using different type wagons:

Standard dry container block train organizations, between Europe or Russia destinations/origins and China or South east Asia destinations/origins.

Standard covered and open-top wagon EB and WB shipments between Russia and China.

Russian postal (luggage) wagon service for transit and re-export shipments.

Russian wood dedicated wagon EB shipments from Russia origins to China

Special purpose shipment Russian dedicated wagons for EB shipments, such as various type of HOOPER, TANK, HEAVY-LOAD or LOW-BAD FLAT and other types of wagons from Russia to China border.