About Us


Local brand with global aspirations


By 2025, the company aims to become an internationally recognized and leading transit operator along the “Belt & Road” initiative via Mongolia corridor.

Who we are:

Monlogistics Transit LLC is one of the leading transit transport logistics operators in Mongolia not only for West and East bound container block trains by railway and as well as one of the most experienced, reliable transport logistics solution providers for various bulk, conventional or special shipments by rail or multimodal via Mongolia. Initially, the traditional transit railway transit operation for some bulk shipments have been handled by the transit operation department of Monlogistics Worldwide LLC since its establishment in 2005, and in 2016 there was started the transit container block train shipments between China and Russia or Europe via Mongolia.

Later in 2019, considering the future developments of transit shipments via Mongolia corridor in accordance of modern intermodal transport logistics operations, connecting the increased demand of international railway transiting of East (China) and West (Europe), there was established a dedicated company Monlogistics Transit LLC as one of the subsidiaries of MLH Group, which foundation root is Monlogistics Worldwide LLC.

At the present, the company Ulaanbaatar head office operates with its’ 2 local branches at the main gateways of the border cross points of the national railway network across the country, Zamiin-Uud as the south gate and Suhkbaatar as the north gate.

What we do

Consulting service for various transit shipment operations via Mongolia solution options (railway, multimodal and etc.,)

Partnership communications and co-operations with abroad partners, agents, clients, operators, wagon owners and etc., for transit shipment logistics solutions via Mongolia

Co-operation with the transit rail carrier UBRW head office and border stations (SB & ZU) or ZU transshipment facility for daily operations.

Transit railway prepayment arrangement with UBRW

Co-ordination with railway carriers’ representatives of neighboring border railway stations (Erlian/KJD and Naushki/RJD)

Co-ordination with border customs and quarantine authorities for smooth transit shipments operations

Documentation pre-checking and corrections if necessary for transit shipment.

Various Transit shipment organization operations such as :

- Transit container block train in both directions, EB and WB
- Sorting operations for WB Transit container block train at ZU (forming WB container block trains upon the destinations in Russia or Europe)
- Bulk or conventional, special railway shipments by railway organization in both directions, EB and WB (OT, Covered and special purpose flat wagons)
- Multimodal transit shipment organization for special requirement/condition or OOG WB shipment, as receiving by trucking to ZU border and making transshipment into rail to Russia (Truck-Rail mode).

Partners rolling stock or wagon control in Mongolia

Empty Container supply and transport logistics service from Mongolia for EB customers in Russia.

Border customs inspection support service for Russian and CIS customers


Shorter distance

Discounted tariff policy for transit container shipment promotion

Experienced and flexible operation

Improved and dedicated transshipment operation at ZU (NL CY)

WB sorting activity upon destinations with high efficiency of rolling stock utilization

Long-Term traditional cooperation with neighboring railways and border stations

Values and principles of the routing:

- Cost saving related to the shorter physical distance and transit time
- Equal and transparent terms and conditions for railway transit by UBRW

UBRW Capacity and ZU NLCY transshipment facility:

- Entire UBRW network carriage capacity - about 30 million tons/year
- Transit container handling capacity

Future perspectives of Mongolia corridor

New construction plans railway network connections with China in the near future

Internal infrastructure planning